"the love that you have is the pain that you carry"

hi, i'm David. 19y/o.
I love Björk, MMOs, Music, and Food.
a little lost in life.



M.I.A > iggy

lol… appriopriative shitstain, i hate that ignorant piggy ass

and i’m against that concept of hating people

but i can’t stand her AT ALL


film//014031423 - Fang - 

cc: @illroots @notfang @cavempt


Lana Del Rey inspires me to be sexually active

*sigh* I really miss my WoW guild… ;\ I hate that so much stupid drama went on… I miss belonging to a cool group of people… ffffffffffffffffff.~


Just in case you didnt knew it already, I love animals.


Rock da crab


to everyone i went to high school with



1. Poppy being told a joke.
2. Thinking about it.
3. Poppy gets it!

That ars a funey meem with the Feelsman and his Troll! have counter jok for you. Whom do got when cross a crossoword with a Dictinary? (you Do not know) knock knock!!! (whos there) nos ee because. both on papper and is made of wood, knickkock on wood! Bom, good luck! 9.559/10 HA thatr a jorc is i get   IT